Come Rock The Cure for Kidney Cancer in Dallas!

March 2, 2018

The Dallas Country Club

Melanoma and Kidney Cancer have long been considered sister diseases. Both have a dire prognosis and a very poor response to traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Both are among the most responsive of all cancers to Immunotherapy. Statistics show 40% more patients die from Kidney Cancer each year than melanoma. The most critical shortage of all funding areas for kidney Cancer has been in the small grant area. These small grant funds are largely supplied by non-profit organizations. Small grants of $100,000 or less often leads to much larger governmental NCI grants. Melanoma funding for the small grant area is about 20 times the current Kidney Cancer small grant funding. For Kidney Cancer research, the private funding for reviewed competitive grants appears to average around $500,000 per year from public records. By contrast, the two top funders of melanoma research provide over $10,000,000 in melanoma research grants each year. This is a critical time for Kidney Cancer research funding. Right now due to the lack of funding, many Immunotherapy approaches are being explored in Melanoma, but aren’t being pursued in Kidney Cancer. Lack of funding is leading to a severe shortage of Kidney Cancer trials and resulting in more deaths.

Help Us. We’ll Research.

“Kidney Cancer is the ideal sandbox for these new approaches, and without a doubt the same approach can, should and will be suitable for other cancers”

Hans Hammers

Our mission is to abolish Kidney Cancer as a threat to the life and health of patients by accelerating research and offering direct financial support for clinical and laboratory researchers with promising ideas.


We raised over $100,000 at our 1st annual Virginia Beach Rock The Cure event!

We raised $107,750 at our 1st annual Dallas, Texas Rock The Cure event!


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